Republican Lies

The deficit-cutting craze has a simple origin: Republicans are driving a narrative that Democrats “spend” and that this “spending” jeopardizes the health of the country.
Never mind any facts here, this is about persuading the public.
Facts do not matter at all: Yes, the huge $1.4 deficit was Bush’s last budget. Yes the massive debt is the direct result of Reagan/Bush tax cuts and military spending increases. Yes job creation programs reduce future deficits. Yes, infrastructure investment reduces future deficits.
None of the facts matter at all. Republicans have been able to convince a segment of the public that “Democrats spend” and that “government is bad” and that’s what they’re going to run with. And they will portray themselves as heroes for blocking everything.

1 thought on “Republican Lies

  1. And the Democratic ‘leadership’ (Obama, Reid, Pelosi and other fake Dems, like Ben Nelson) will help (and have been providing invaluable assistance for) the GOP win the 2010 election every step of the way.
    The Dems have been working tirelessly since election night in 2008 to unsure the GOP minority is never impacted in the least by the Democratic majority.
    It is obvious, incontrovertible, that the Democratic Leadership, since 1980 have had one duty to America: to make sure the GOP wins the next election cycle when the Dems accdentally find themselves in the majority after the GOP screws up so bad that the voters mistakenly put Dems in office.

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