Republican Grownups spotted in Oregon

Brad DeLong has written a series been begging the “Republican Grownups” to abandon George W. Bush, who is a disaster even by traditional Republican standards. By and large I have pooh-poohed that idea (for example, in the comments here.) My guess is that if most of the “Good Germans” ended up supporting Hitler in 1932 — and they did — most of the “Republican Grownups” will a fortiori end up supporting Bush this year.*

In our weakness and in hopes of getting support somewhere or another, we Democrats sometimes tend to give more credit to people than they really deserve — “undecided voters” are another dubious group which we really, really hope will come around for us.

But occasionally some of them do show up. Here in Oregon, while no major Republican leader supports Kerry so far, two members of the eminent Atiyeh family, a former member of the Republican State Central Committee, and the former mayor of the sixth largest city in the state (Hillsboro) have all come out in Kerry’s support. For most of them it is the first time that they have ever voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate.

*Before invoking Godwin’s Law, figure out how “a fortiori” functions in this sentence.