Republican Blogs Support For Death Plot Against Carter and Clinton

Do you remember the recent national media flap over supposed “liberal” commenters at Huffington Post supposedly being sorry that a suicide bomber missed Vice President Cheney during his visit to Afghanistan? Never mind that the Huffington Post immediately deleted the comments, and never mind that there were suspicions that the commenters were actually right-wingers setting the Huffington Post up for the story.
Well the very same blogs that drove that story into the national news are chock full of comments today praising al Qeuda terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for plotting to kill former Presidents Carter and Clinton. And those comments are not only not deleted, they come from regulars, and remain.
Will this also become a national media story? Of course not – IOKIYAR!
In the post Support for al-Qaida plots on large right-wing blog, Glenn Greenwald has the story.

But commenters at Little Green Footballs have not only expressed surprise, but outright support, for Mohammed’s assassination plot against a former U.S. President. They are out in droves expressing sorrow that Al Qaeda did not have the opportunity to carry out its plot.

2 thoughts on “Republican Blogs Support For Death Plot Against Carter and Clinton

  1. Right wing followers make crazed weasels look sweet and wholesome.
    When they whine about lefties being so bad, it’s a sham. Apologies show weakness. What counts is what you can get away with. Might makes Right. The sooner these scum are deposed, the better — not that they will ever stop. It’s enough to make you want global warming to hurry up and drown them.

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