Republican Blames Judges For Violence and Threats Against Judges

Senator John Cornyn today, blaming violence and threats against judges on the judges themselves for not doing everything Republicans want:

“I don’t know if there is a cause-and-effect connection but we have seen some recent episodes of courthouse violence in this country. Certainly nothing new, but we seem to have run through a spate of courthouse violence recently that’s been on the news and I wonder whether there may be some connection between the perception in some quarters on some occasions where judges are making political decisions yet are unaccountable to the public, that it builds up and builds up and builds up to the point where some people engage in – engage in violence.”

Damn that pesky Constitution, giving judges independence from Party control!

UpdateKos writes,

Violence against judges is nothing short of domestic terrorism. And Cornyn (along with DeLay and their ilk) are nothing more than apologists for such violence.
The GOP’s war on the judiciary is now entering dangerous territory.

And Steve at Left Coaster writes,

First, Tom DeLay went over the edge with his veiled threat against judges last week who are allegedly unaccountable to the public, stemming from the right-wing disappointment that they couldn’t intimidate a GOP judge into ruling in their favor on the Terri Schiavo manipulation.
Now another Texas GOP crack head is excusing courthouse violence and attacks against judges by claiming it may be the actions of folks who think that judges make political decisions while being unaccountable to the public. This time it is GOP senator John Cornyn, who used to be Texas AG and who should know better.

Watch your backs!
Further updateAtrios:

We get so used to hearing this kind of wingnuttery, and while it’s wrong when Michael Savage says something like this, it’s certainly way beyond any standard of decency for a United States Senator.

And AMERICAblog,

We now have Republican Senators making excuses for terrorists. Explaining why terrorism is understandable. Why terrorists have legitimate concerns. Justifying why the victims of terrorism are really to blame for these heinous crimes. Wonder what Senator Cornyn thinks of rape victims?
This is utterly outrageous. Outrageous. The GOP is now embracing domestic terrorists who are trying to undermine our democracy. And they’re doing it so they can take down the judges who “killed” Terri Schiavo, and instead impose some Pat Robertson-like theocracy on our country. This is absolutely utterly beyond contempt. Tell Judge Lefkow in Chicago that her mother and husband are dead because she brought it on herself.
And the ultimate irony is that it is people like John Cornyn who now risk inciting violence against judges by giving aid and comfort to these homicidal maniacs. Cornyn should resign immediately.

Senators advocating domestic terrorism. There’s isn’t much of a “what next” after this.

8 thoughts on “Republican Blames Judges For Violence and Threats Against Judges

  1. Interesting thought Senator. Frustration over judicial over reaching as a defense to murdering a judge. I wonder if Senator Cornyn and Tom DeLay would complain if judges refused to accept that rationale as a legal defense?

  2. Sen. Cornyn was speaking on the anniversary of MLK assassination, April 4, 1968. Does Cornyn also wonder if Rev. King caused the effect of his own murder?

  3. Sounds like a veiled threat to me. None of the violence against judges I’ve heard about had anything to do with political frustration.

  4. And what about threats against those ‘activist’ judges who installed GWB in the WH? Methinks the left/liberals have some catching up to do ..

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