I want to repeat this so everyone sees it. Angry Bear: 1,346 Days. Thursday is an important day.

This coming Thursday, May 19, 2005, will be the 1,346th day since the attacks of 9/11. That is the same length of time from the attack on Pearl Harbor to the end of WWII on V-J Day. (Dec 7, 1941 to Aug 24, 1945)

Think about that. Let it sink in. The same length of time as the entire US involvement in the Second World War.

8 thoughts on “Repeat

  1. What’s the point?

    WWII was a declared war against identified, national enemies. The US benefited from an alliance with the most powerful land army that ever existed. Even so, it is amazing that so much happened so quickly.

    The war against “terror” is a military response to a problem much more amenable to political and police solutions. It is also an excuse for the realization of all manner of right wing wet dreams.
    It’s more instructive to plainly state the impossibility of comparing these two “wars” than to accept their comparability as a given.

  2. So are we to compare it to the “War on Terra” or the War/ excuse me, Freedom of Iraqi’s or Operation I don’t know what in Afghanistan? I am sure we need another 87 billion.

  3. Leaves one wondering when the ‘War on Terror’ is going to end ..

  4. The War on Terror can never end. That’s the point. Like the War on Drugs it isn’t a real “war” at all but a propaganda device intended to keep everyone all stirred up emotionally, patriotic, supporting right wing tactics. Both are campaigns against Evil Bad Guys, and if we ever actually catch any of these Evil Bad Guys somebody else somewhere else immediately takes their place. What keeps this going is that we’re not fighting entirely imaginary enemies.

  5. As I saw over at the freeway blogger,’I attacked America on 9/11 and all I got was away with it, Osama Been Forgotten’. This poster should be hung from every freeway overpass in the country. Remind people that chimpy is a fraud. His war on terror is no different than reagan’s war on drugs. Fraud, plain and simple.

  6. WoT (Special Edition, Part 1)

    Via Seeing The Forest, Calculated Risk at Angry Bear reminds us that we passed an important milestone (Note this minor correction to his post: V-J day is officially 8/15/45 so his numbers are slightly off; as an aside, incidentally, V-E…

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