Remembering 9/11

Matt Yglesias is exactly the kind of American that Pat Robertson and al Qaeda hate — an elite, slightly metrosexual, predominantly-Jewish New Yorker. I hardly ever link to Matt, partly because he doesn’t need the links, and partly because he frequently annoys the hell out of me. However, I don’t see how his 9/11 memorial could have been done any better, and it took a lot of courage to write the following, which pretty much expresses my own sentiments:

Confusion is still as widespread as it was on 9-12-01 but back then we at least felt confused. Like Socrates we knew, to some extent at least, what we did not know. Now the worst are filled with passionate intensity. The ratio of unknown unknowns to known unknowns is frighteningly high.

I’m afraid. Not in the panicky way I was afraid three Septembers ago, but a deeper, less intense but more profound fear that we may have made some horrible mistakes and we have barely any idea what to do about them.

Juan Cole has also written a very thoughtful reflection on the day.

Greg Palast has some things to say about Bush, the Saudis, and 9/11.

Here’s a nice tasty Godwin’s Law violation.

The last two links are courtesy of Bartcop.