Remember to See The Forest

In the Washington Post, Kerry Returns to Boston With ‘Band of Brothers’:

“Surrounded by 12 veterans of the Swift boats he captained in Vietnam and by Jim Rassmann, a Green Beret he rescued from a river in the Mekong Delta, Kerry crossed the Boston Harbor aboard the LuLu E taxi ship, which was adorned in red, white and blue.”

Keep in mind why all this “showboating” (sorry) about Kerry’s military service is necessary. The Republicans are doing everything they can to smear Kerry’s record. Remember, the smears are the trees.

See the big picture, see the forest, Kerry went to Vietnam, served with distinction, and went on to a brilliant and honorable career serving US. Bush didn’t. Period, end of story.

I wrote this on my second day as a blogger:

“Let’s see if we can see the forest. Look back to the 2000 election. Step back and look at the candidates. The Democrat’s candidate was a well respected, well liked, extremely experienced, Vietnam vet, former seminary student, character beyond reproach, faithfully married family man, foreign policy expert, with many accomplishments including being the person in the Congress most responsible for advancing the Internet… The Republicans ran a foul-mouthed thoroughly inexperienced scandal-ridden (Harken oil, Rangers stadium, recipient of bribes directed at his father) failed businessman, continuously bailed out of jams by his father’s connections, draft-dodger (worse, he got into the Nat. Guard through connections and then played hooky!), former drunk, probable drug-user, kids constantly in trouble, with a campaign entirely financed by large corporations obviously looking for favors.

But by election time the only issue was “character”, and the character in question was the Democratic candidate’s! That’s the forest.

Issues like the “Love Canal story” and “I invented the Internet” were trees. The forest was how they pulled it off – the smears, the propaganda blitz, the way they spread their message and the way people hear messages these days.

With this weblog I’ll be writing about this issue, seeing the forest for the trees.”

Now we KNOW what they do. Don’t let this happen to Kerry.