Religious Right outraged at Consumer Reports birth control comparison

The Religious Right is outraged at a Consumer Affairs comparison of birth control methods that includes some very innocuous language on abortion. CR tells readers that “Women having an abortion in the U.S. can choose one of two methods: the so-called abortion pill or a surgical procedure”, and goes on to describe each in factual terms. Anti-choice activists are shocked that CR (a) discussed birth control, (b) discussed abortion, and (c) did not tell readers about the non-existent dangers of abortion falsely claimed by the anti-choice crowd. To date, CR seems to ignoring the whole thing, but it did note on its website that CDC information on condoms suddenly disappeared in 2002 and was replaced with a statement urging abstinence as the only way to prevent pregnancy. And they gave Lollipop, a brightly colored condom packaged on a stick, a best Buy recommendation.