Red State Killer Moms

I’ve long been of the opinion that we should fight fire with fire, so I’m going to be totally despicable and ask a nasty question: why do Texan moms kill so many of their kids?

I’ve linked below to stories of seven different Texan mothers who killed their own children by drowning, beating, poisoning, beheading, and stabbing. In all there were 13 dead kids, with two unsuccessful attempts and two doubtful cases.

In five of the cases the mother gave religious reasons for her deed. In most cases, mental illness had previously been diagnosed, and in several cases the state had made ineffectual attempts at intervention. In some cases mental health care had been refused. In most of the cases the father left the kids at home with his mentally-ill wife.

Texas, of course, ranks toward the bottom in the provision of such services as child protection and mental health care. It also ranks high in the proportion of conservative religion believers who hold that the husband is the master and that the wife (as “the weaker vessel”) must submit to him. Contemporary preachers tend to be evasive about this doctrine, but Paul also taught that slaves should submit to their masters, and the idea is about the same.

Red state Christians are always denouncing us secular blue staters as damned sinners wallowing in iniquity (Massachusetts! New York! Hollywood!) — but two can play that game. There are those who say that we Democrats should be above this kind of slime, but how well has the nice-guy approach been working?

Christians and conservatives will be judged too. If they are willing to start playing a clean game, they should get in touch with me and maybe we can work something out. But something tells me that that’s not going to happen. The Moral Majority has been winning playing the dirty game, and they’re a lot better at it than I am.

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Bonus — Newt Gingrich:

Before the 1994 election, Newt Gingrich went on national TV to blame the Democrats for the fact that Sharon Smith had murdered her two children. This was despicable enough on the face of it, but it later turned out that Smith was the stepdaughter of Beverly Russell, an important figure in the South Carolina Republican Party and the Christian Crusade, who had been sexually molesting Smith since her middle teens. Newt became Speaker of the House after that election, and has never apologized to this day. (And really, how could he? What he said was beneath contempt, and indicative of bad character. It wasn’t a slip of the tongue or a sudden outburst).

There’s even more here if you read to the bottom — you’ll find a connection to George Bush and Iran-Contra!

Second Bonus:

Republican Islamofascists and idiotarians (somewhat out of date)