Red Cross ASSISTED Bush Law Violations!

It is a violation of international law to “disappear” prisoners, and refuse even to let the Red Cross see them. But who cares, so what, and who’s gonna do anything about it?
Not the Red Cross, apparently.
Red Cross Monitors Barred From Guantanamo,

Simon Schorno, a spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross, said the organization was aware that it was not seeing all Guantánamo detainees from 2002, when the detention camp was opened, to 2004. He said the policies outlined in the manual “run counter to the manner in which the I.C.R.C. conducts its detention visits at Guantánamo Bay and around the world.”
He added that Red Cross officials worked with American officials “to resolve this issue confidentially, since gaining access to all detainees in full accordance with its standard practice was paramount.”

Sorry for shouting – I got a bit upset. The story continues,

The Red Cross has been critical of Guantánamo, saying publicly in 2003 that keeping detainees indefinitely without allowing them to know their fate was unacceptable and, in confidential reports, that the physical and psychological treatment of detainees amounted to torture.

So the Red Cross was complicit in these violations of international law.
The Red Cross has been looking worse and worse.

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  1. Oh, that is sooo sad… You’re upset? Good for you, but it shows that you don’t know anything about how the ICRC (Internatonal Committee of the Red Cross – not the same thing at all as the American Red Cross or any other Red Cross or Red Crescent Society for that matter) operates. All its activities are based on confidentiality. Its reports are not supposed to be leaked to the media, who of course feed off it every time they can get their greedy hands on one. And then we have the choir of all the activist bozos who are soooo indignant about the Red Cross not being authorized to visit a few screwball fanatics, conveniently fogetting the hundreds of thousands of other people mistreated, killed or otherwise disappeared around the world. Think Darfur, Tibet, Western Sahara, Iraq, etc…. Your hypocrisy makes me want to hurl.

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