Clicking through the channels (I’m male) I landed on MSNBC for a few minutes where they were having a discussion about Senator Hillary Clinton bad-mouthing Bush “in the Arab press.” Since these things usually come in orchestrated patterns, I checked, and sure enough the same story is running at Scaife’s NewsMax, “Hillary Blasts Bush in Arab Press“. They’re implying she committed treason for saying bad things about Bush to Arabs. (Remember how they accused Clinton of “protesting against his government on foreign soil”?)

This is the kind of Red-baiting that Republicans are known for, except it isn’t Reds now, it’s Arabs.

“Sen. Clinton delivered the unprecedented attack in an interview with the London-based Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat on Monday, with newspapers from Tehran to Islamabad picking up her harsh words almost immediately.”

This “news report” concludes with

“In comments that could only encourage the Iraqi insurgency, the top Democrat complained that “the United States was in trouble because it could not abandon Iraq, nor provide enough manpower to run the country, nor gather world allies willing to provide the necessary assistance for the gigantic task,” according to Mehr’s translation.”

OK, I’ll go after some Trees for a minute, as long as we remember the Forest: They lie. They just lie. Never forget.


1) The interview was with a London-based news organization.

2) Arabs are not our enemies. Arab newspapers are not enemy organizations. (In fact, we’re “helping” the Iraqis by “freeing” them, remember?) (No, don’t look a the pre-9/11 plans to seize the Iraqi oil fields, look over THERE!)

3) Arabs are completely capable of reading American newspapers, and they even have the Internet in the Middle East, too. Newspapers “from Tehran to Islamabad” can even pick up stories from the Washington Times. And Islamabad might SOUND like an enemy if you’re as ignorant as the Republicans clearly expect the consumers of their lies to be — (Islam Bad) — but it’s actually on our side. And Iran has been helping against al-Queda as well.

4) It does not “encourage the Iraqi insurgency” to state the obvious. They have eyes. They can see the mess Bush has gotten us into.

I know better, but I just can’t stop myself…