Recession Result Of Low Taxes

A thought: The country and states lowered taxes in the 80s, and now we are seeing the results. Low taxes let people get rich in a hurry so sound and sustainable business practices were abandoned as foolish. Wealth concentrated straight to the top, and now average people are strapped to pay for anything. Meanwhile get-rich-quick schemes stripped the forests, oceans and mountaintops.
Put the top tax rate back to 90% and watch the changes as people have to build real wealth slowly over time. This means they have to use sustainable business and environmental practices. And watch the economy as regular people start to benefit again and national and governments have funds to actually engage in helping regular people again.

2 thoughts on “Recession Result Of Low Taxes

  1. Interesting idea Dave, and I realize it’s most probably not a serious suggestion, but I’m not sure massively putting up taxes in going to be a great vote winner though.
    Unfortunately, for our representatives, getting re-elcted is far more import than meaningful reform. Can you imagine anybody getting 50% on a platform of more taxes?

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