Reassigning the Meaning of Words

Atrios has two back to back posts up that ilustrate how the Right reassigns the very meaning of words to promote their propaganda agenda. In this case, the word is “terrorism.”
In the Vandalism post, he links to AMERICABlog, which discusses how MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson praises France for blowing up a Greenpeace boat, killing one person on board. Apparently blowing up a boat and killing the occupant is not “terrorism.”
In the Meanwhile… post, he points out that the FBI says bringing a bomb on a plane is “not a terrorist activity”:

Officials have found no apparent connection between Charles Alfred Dreyling Jr. and any terrorist group or activity, said Agent Gary Johnson, an FBI spokesman.

Meanwhile, the Bush administration labels animal rights and environmental activists as “terrorists“.
And we all understand that it isn’t Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph look-alikes who they mean when they say “terrorists” should be “profiled.”

1 thought on “Reassigning the Meaning of Words

  1. I think the definitions are perfectly clear and consistent:
    Terrorism: that which terrorists do
    Terrorist: people we do not like
    What could be any fucking clearer than that?

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