15 thoughts on “Reality vs Focus Group Phrases

  1. I Don’t Think the GWOT is in Iraq Anymore Toto
    Not that there was ever a GWOT, or that it should have been in Iraq anyway.
    granny believes there are only two explanations for the London bombing that has claimed 41 lives and wounded hundreds more.
    1.) The utter incompetence of the Bush-Blair management team.
    2.) It’s a black op orchestrated by Rumsfeld/Negroponte to keep us under control while they expand their war and torture profitmaking venture.

  2. Dorothy, can we go back to the forest again?
    My straw-filled brain is oh so confused by all the flashing lights. Code Orange. Oh my. Code Red. Oh my!
    Bush at G8, now long forgotten.
    Rove in the blame for Plame. Now forgotten.
    Oil heading to $62. Now forgotten.
    Blair to clear the air. Now forgotten.
    Downing St. Memo, now another burnt sliver of paper among the other forgotten asshes around the London Tubes.
    Who could be ruthless enough to do this Dorothy?
    Never look behind the curtain.
    Ignore the man working the levers behind the curtain.
    Code Orange. Oh my.
    Code red. Oh my.
    Oh reptilian Lion my good friend, we are scared. Run and hide under the rocks. Oh life-lovin Tin man, my good friend, our hearts beat for those who have lost loved ones. Don’t cry. You’ll rust your eye shutters. “Pandimonium”. Oh my.

  3. Spin du jour.
    Steely resolve
    Or was it Steely Dan? All these buzz words are so confusing! That’s why we have to stay in Iraq and complete the GWOT. The terrorists are getting desperate, because we are winning the GWOT. If we pull out now, it will only prove that Osama was right.
    Blair has already made a public statement that Britain will not be intimidated. Has the M$M announced Bush’s fireside chat yet? I can hardly wait.

  4. YOu guys are sick. Stepping over the bloody corpses of Londoners to take political advantage of this? And Galloway and the SWP (Socialist Workers Party) blaming Bush, Blair, and “the right” (whatever that means) for the attacks?
    Truly sick.
    Pericles, signing off.

  5. Same to you, Pericles.
    This is political, and both sides are having their say. Same as you.
    And that’s as it should be.

  6. We are not sick.
    We are rationally exploring ALL the possibilities with the neo-cortical parts of our brains, not with the neo-manipulated parts of our lower layers.
    You on the other hand (pericles–nothing personal), are already lost to the Limbic Life.
    Or perhaps your reptilian brain stem is already hiding under the rocks in fear of the invisible “terrorists”.
    Now let’s get back to reasoned thought Watson:
    a) It’s probably not Timothy McVeigh because word has it he already is in conference with his maker;
    b) Yes, it “could” be a Middle Eastern violence group, but what evidence do we have that “they” always throw the first bunker buster? For that matter, what evidence do we have at this moment to point to anyone other than McViegh? (Oh yeh, it can’t be Terry Shiavo either.)
    c) Let us consider some recent “facts” from history -aka– yesterday
    1) Blair was going to confront the B-man at G8 about Global Warming and about helping those B-people in Africa. Oh yeh. Now I remember.
    2) Karl Rove was on the chopping block over the Plame blame game.
    3) NY Times news reporters were being thrown into jail by the Free Democratic Republic of USA –duh over the same Rove-Plame problem.
    4) Chevron was sending out Will You Join Us invitation cards to their Oh Sh*t We’re in Big Trouble Without Oil Party.
    5) Oil was heading to $62 / barrel
    6) The “markets” were tanking
    7) The T-people were in the “last throes” of their insurgency according to the C-man
    8) B-man said “Bring ’em on”, “Democracy is on the march” -well he’ll say anything as long as it comes over that big bulge in his back. I think the ear piece was flaking out when he admitted to the “possibility” of Global Warming the other day.
    9) B-man, C-man and Rove-man have absolutely no motive for distracting the public, and, ah yes, they are after all “honorable” men who love life and answer to a higher father
    10) Middle Eastern groups did not want to see Blair in-fighting with the B-man over Climate Change, Oil Depletion and Africa. It was clearly in their interests to distract the World into believing again in “terrorists”. Ergo, the ONLY possible “logical” conclusion is that it HAD to be “them,” the Middle Easterners, and it could be no other power group.
    11) Therefore any “thought” put out on this web site that conflicts with the word of the higher father and the B-R-C men is unequivocaly “sick”. (BRC= Bush, Rove and Cheney if you don’t read code.)
    I’m glad we had this chat Watson.

  7. That Osama is such a prankster! Always pulling something when his buddy gets into trouble!
    Then he sends his other friend over here to try and distract us!
    except for the bodies.

  8. The Bush Admin blew the cover of so enough operatives to directly cause this attack on London:
    “The announcement of Khan’s name forced the British to arrest 12 members of an al-Qaeda cell prematurely, before they had finished gathering the necessary evidence against them via Khan. Apparently they feared that the cell members would scatter as soon as they saw that Khan had been compromised. (They would have known he was a double agent, since they got emails from him Sunday and Monday!) One of the 12 has already had to be released for lack of evidence, a further fallout of the Bush SNAFU (situation normal all fouled up). It would be interesting to know if other cell members managed to flee. Why in the world would Bush administration officials out a double agent working for Pakistan and the US against Al-Qaeda?”
    Juan Cole relates this attack, possibly, to the trial of Abu Hamza Misri:
    “Lastly, as Tony Blair oversees the carnage and anger in his country, he may want to ask his good buddy George W. Bush why his administration crippled Blair’s domestic anti-terror efforts to track down and stop Al Qaeda cells inside Great Britain by exposing a known Al Qaeda asset at a time when the Brits were very close to nailing a ring of Al Qaeda cells inside the country? With today’s tragedy in front of them, don’t you think that British intelligence would have wanted to finish their work last fall in smashing London’s Al Qaeda cells before the Bush Administration blew a covert operation just so Bush could be reelected?”
    Get it out there.

  9. Does anybody wonder about the Arabic translators who were not allowed to translate because they are gay or about the people Sibel Edmonds got fired for blowing the whistle on?

  10. This incident is definitive proof of the failure of George Bush’s anti-terrorism policies: three and a half years after 9/11 (and hundreds of billions later), Al Quaeda’s ability to execute relatively complex and large scale terror attacks remains.
    The “war” in Iraq has done nothing to advance the “war” on terror or make America safer. This is no “gift” to Bush, unless the “opposition” lets it be framed as such… instead, it is his political death kneel.

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