Real Time Results on Ohio Special Election

This is it. So far the only votes reported appear to be write in votes. Chris Bowers is keeping tabs Ohio OH-2.
Jerome put up a diary earlier about OH-02 Expectations.
Stop by and enjoy the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.

Early results:

Jerome says “Yea, 45% in Hamilton is a good sign for Hackett, by my calculations (admittedly, back of the envelope), Schmidt could expect a 68-32 64-36 margin in the parts of Hamilton Country that are in the Ohio 2nd. So Hackett has a 9% swing. Once again, putting him right in the margin within 5%.”
These are some messy results sites. It doesn’t seem like anyone is reporting quickly.
Hackett pulling away in Brown County–1,480 (58.45) to 1,048 for Schimdt (41.39). Yesss!!!!
Schimdt strong early in Clermont County. Schimdt 1158-750 (60.60-39.25). Could be a wild night.

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