Reagan is the Greatest American President Ever, Except Maybe Van Buren

The wingers have disappointed me; the only prominent self-described conservative to describe Reagan as the greatest American President of all is Larry Kleiman, of Clinton-impeachment infamy, and he did it several years ago.

Perhaps the rest of them are reluctant to unseat the founder of the Republican party, especially since people might then start talking about the fact that a significant part of the Republican core constituency really, really hates Lincoln.

Note that Van Buren has strong support from a hyper-winger. If you read the PDF, you’ll find that he also ranks Harding and Coolidge in the top five. You can’t make this stuff up.

After playing a memorable clip of one of President Ronald Reagan’s speeches, Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman praised the life of the greatest American president.

Historians seldom give the eighth president of the United States the recognition he deserves. Van Buren’s avoidance of foreign wars, successful fight to reduce central authority, unsurpassed ideological clarity and enduring positive influence on the Democratic Party make him arguably the president most responsible for the freedoms enjoyed by the American people.

“The SBL organization is group of US patriots dedicated to having the Statue of Liberty sent back to the French. We believe that the French Government has effectively betrayed the safety of the United States of America by refusing to accept the fact that Saddam Hussein is a danger to every freedom-loving nation and by blocking any UN resolution to oust Saddam from power…..As Liberty Island is an important tourist attraction, we believe a better, more American statue should be put in Liberty’s place. Here is our suggestion: Ronald Reagan”

Simply put, Bell said he believes that Reagan is the greatest American president.

Commissioner Roger Baenziger reserved his comments for the Central Park Ceremony, where he referred to Reagan as the greatest American president.

“As far as I’m concerned, he was our greatest American president,” he said.

While the site is still under development, it contains some vital and important information about the man who many consider the greatest American president.

My name is Reid Davis. I am a civilian. I just want to say that a carrier named after the greatest American President is awesome.

Also out in force Thursday were post-Reagan Reaganites, those too young to … be 18 years old, but I know he was the greatest American president ever.” (Get the whole story by registering!).