Read This Again

Friday I wrote a little piece pointing to a New York Times report of Bush saying that the deficit is “incredibly positive news” because it forces the government to stop growing. It’s worth reading again, and understanding what he’s saying.

He’s admitting that the deficits are intentional. “Incredibly good news” because it advances the right-wing strategy of cutting back our government. Never mind that the government is us. Never mind that almost everything the government spends money on benefits us – that’s what government IS. Never mind that he has proposed the largest increases in government growth in decades with his military buildup and his Fatherland Security department. Never mind that it means no prescription drug plan or health insurance for children, and cutbacks in almost everything good that our government does. And never mind that deficits mean we are borrowing more and more money and every year we have to pay interest on that borrowing.

Let’s not let him get away with claiming now that the deficits aren’t his fault, that he “hit the trifecta” or anything else he says. He said that the deficits are “incredibly good news” and the public should be reminded that he said that.