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Peter Daou was one of the sharp people in the Kerry campaign. He was their internet contact person, and if the Kerry people hadn’t refused to listen to him they probably would have won the election.
His latest piece is as good a summary of how today’s media works as I’ve ever seen.
A short sample:

Democratic strategists haven’t learned how to distinguish between stories and storylines. (The insidious effect of infectious narratives, the power of inoculation techniques, the concept of memetics and the role of the Internet, are alien to the Democratic establishment. And I say that having been in the belly of that establishment during the 2004 election).

But read it all.

8 thoughts on “Read Peter Daou

  1. One thing, Daou is a bad writer/communicator. He seems unable to say anything clearly, forthrightly, concisely, and briefly.
    The second part he does not offer any clear examples to his thesis. The Swift boat vs. National guard example is bad since the NG documents were clearly forgeries and the Swift boat controversy raised some valid and true concerns about Kerry; not the least of which is his obfuscation and fear of his own record.
    Look, the MSM does not “work” for the GOP, they work for ratings and profits; if they have to do crap to get eyeballs glued to the screen, they’ll do it. What Kerry needed to learn is that if something damaging comes out, own up to it, admit fault and move on. This is the lesson that Bush learned in 2000 when FOXNews released his drunk-driving arrest on the national level. Bush merely admited wrong and moved on.

  2. Hi, Pericles. How surprising that you don’t like Daou’s writing! I really am going to have to rethink what I wrote.
    We seem to be on some kind of watch list. I suppose that means we’re important. Hopefully there are other people than Pericles and Sickofspin reading us, if you call what Sickofspin does “reading”.

  3. John, John, John…..
    Take a step back and reflect a moment…..
    If he is soooooo SHARP, he would have found a way to convey his message to the Kerry campaign now wouldn’t he….. I was addressing the false premise that the man is ‘sharp.’ On the one hand it’s said he’s sharp and has the media pegged, on the other hand he wasn’t sharp enough to get the people he was brought in to help – to listen to him!
    Which is it?

  4. Sick, Daou wasn’t able to convince his boss. If you’d ever had a job in your life, you’d get my point.
    Dave and I both talked to Daou, and he really knew what needed to be done, but he couldn’t get through to the decisionmakers.
    Jesus, we need new commenters here.

  5. John,
    If Daou was as sharp as you claim he him to be, then he would have gotten through to the decision makers. It’s that simple.
    That you’re so high on a guy that failed doesn’t say much for you does it?

  6. Sick, the thing that’s simple is your mind. Get a job, work for ten years, and get back to me.
    I do not suggest that you get a job in an area requiring communication skills.
    Folks, visit Sick’s site for a real treat. He’s a Republican hack, and I have no idea why he thinks any of us wouild care what he thinks.

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