Read Bloggers NEXT WEEK, Too!

I think the best stuff from the bloggers will be next week. Too much is happening, and I know that I need time to digest. But there is a LOT coming from this. I feel it. All those things that just MAKE me need to write are happening, and I’m working on some good stuff to post here.

So I think that NEXT WEEK is going to be the week to really read bloggers. I have started understanding that bloggers are going to be able to contribute something very valuable to this process, for the same reasons they did with Dean, and with the electronic voting problem and all the other things we have forced into the attention of enough of the opinion leaders and public to make things start happening. There really IS something about what we’re doing that allows us to have a perspective that you are not going to get from the press or the party or the professional punditry.

It’s 8:30, been up since 7, which is actually 4, and I have to go get my press credentials every day, and then at 9 there’s a California Delegation breakfast with Barbara Boxer. At 10 Arianna is speaking somewhere across town. I might be able to get on for a while between that and the David Brock thing I want to attend. So you see how it is here. This is what they call the Juice, the flow. The cliche about trying to sip from a fire hose… no time, no sleep and in fact breakfast yesterday was part of a muffin, lunch was two Dunkin Donuts (I try to do that one while I’m east…) and dinner was a bag of popcorn.