Raising some Rabble with the Righties

I just posted this as a comment (in the “Standards” entry) over at tacitus.org. (In response to a comment by “nerf” in the entry below.)

Let me get this right – Bush went AWOL for 18 months, because he refused to take a drug test – and you guys don’t think there’s anything wrong there?

That’s desertion in time of war. Whether the Nat Guard was called up to VietNam or not, it’s STILL desertion in time of war. Not to mention the drug implications!

You want to bring up Clinton? Ok, Clinton got a student deferment – JUST LIKE CHENEY DID. Just like ALL OF THE LEADERSHIP OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY DID.

And Clinton got a blow job. Get over it.

Now, let’s talk about Bush. He was a military pilot who refused a drug test. He deserted the military in time of war. That’s a capital offense, guys! Please, tell me again how this is not a big deal.

Go over there and raise some rabble.