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I’ll be on the Jay Severin radio show at 8:15 EST, with Dom Giordano moderating instead of Jay.
Update – I think it went very well. the discussion was my post Survivor Lebanon – Like Katrina, Americans On Their Own Again
I said that conservative government left Americans stranded in Beirut just like how they left them stranded after Katrina. I repeatedly made the broader point that this is because conservatives believe in a dog-eat-dog, you’re-on-you-own, everyone-out-for-themselves philosophy, while liberals believe in a stick-up-for-each-other, we’re-all-in-this-together, take-care-of-each-other philosophy.
And other stuff, too. Did anyone hear it?
Update – received an e-mail:

Stumbled across your talk with that Severin wannabe tonight, and thought you did a FINE job of holding his feet to the fire. Also fine formulation of liberal in-it-togetherness versus on your own dod eat dog conservatis. Keep it up!

Also, picked up a troll, who you can hear from in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Radio Tonite

  1. I wish I’d known! I wonder if I could have gotten it here? I’m glad it went well.

  2. Your discussion on “Jay Severin Show” yet again proved how label-minded and logic-absent Liberals are.
    You think that labeling yourself as “stick-up-for-each-other, we’re-all-in-this-together, take-care-of-each-other” automatically makes you a “good world citizen”. My contention is that it makes you nothing more than empty-phrase-spewing demagogue.
    1. You repeatedly asked question: “Why couldn’t President Bush pick up the phone and tell Israeli to wait with their operation till we get Americans out”? May I answer? (In case you really don’t know the answer, which you would’ve figured out yourself had you bothered to actually think about it for a minute).
    a) As the show host pointed to you, and you did not object to it, most of those Americans in Lebanon had dual citizenship. And while it may not be illegal (although I did not know US allows dual citizenship) it certainly puts doubt on to where real loyalty in case of conflict would be. You had no response to that.
    b) Suppose it happened. Suppose President Bush made that call. Suppose even Israelis agreed. And now suppose you, Mr. Caring-and-all-Knowing, are in charge of evacuation. What are you going to do? Come to a house of Lebanese-American and tell them “We need to evacuate you”. They ask you “Why?” And your answer is…. Never thought it through THAT far, have you? If you tell them real reason – you jeopardize integrity and secrecy of Israeli operation thus making it pointless. If you don’t tell them anything – you really think they’d just get up and leave just because you asked them to? That’s why you Liberals never achieve anything. Logic, facts, common sense are you enemies. But, whether you like it or not, world so far lives by those rules. And until everybody signs up to be “stick-up-for-each-other, we’re-all-in-this-together, take-care-of-each-other” – you are going to be had by those who are looking to harm you.
    2. This old argument about who’s philosophy, conservatives’ or liberals’, is better is so ridiculous. I admit right away – your philosophy is BETTER. The problem is – it doesn’t work. Until then if everybody used “nobody is responsible for you but yourself” philosophy – they’d be better off. The logic (I know, you hate it, but here it creeps in again) is: if I am not the only one responsible for myself – then somebody else is. To what degree? I guess it will depend on how much I want to be responsible for myself. If I want to live off welfare check, smoke pot and lay on my couch (hey, it’s not me! Your hero Ray Nagin said that) – then somebody else will pick up the slack and be responsible for me. Result – you die. Cause somebody else thinks somebody else is responsible for you, or for him, etc. Get it? Get the fallacy of your “philosophy”? Didn’t think so. Oh, well. I vented. You’ll still be writing your blogs from your basement. Your liberal talk shows will still have no audience; your liberal seats in Congress will be outnumbered by conservatives and, hopefully, America will not slip into socialism any time soon. Cause let’s face it – when going gets tuff and something needs to be done (not just talked about) Americans choose conservatives. Don’t you hate that? If there was only a way to abolish elections…

  3. So true. And demonstrated beautifully by your troll:
    Liberals lend a hand. Conservatives give the finger.

  4. Empty phrases and words I’ve learned in the last few years:
    honor and dignity
    activist judges
    cut and run
    culture of life
    spreading freedom
    spreading Democracy
    hard work
    heckuva job
    weapons of mass destruction
    turned a corner
    last throes
    mission accomplished
    I’m the decider.
    9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11
    homicide bombers
    dead or alive
    God bless America
    Some of those words once had meaning. They are now devoid of meaning due to the disgusting fascist hypocrites which constantly uttered them without a hint of irony.
    Go Cheney yourself. That one still has some meaning.

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