Radio that doesn’t suck lives!!!

Last week, I wrote about Mark Morford’s column on the overall suckiness of corporate radio, All Hail The Death of Radio. I mentioned that I wrote him about KPIG, a local radio station that is definitely NOT corporate radio. Well, apparently I wasn’t alone in the impulse to tell him about radio that doesn’t suck, because this week he posted a kind of a mea-culpa: And Now For Some *Real* Radio.

In it he says, “…I never really fully understood, fully comprehended, fully had crammed into my thick iTunes-drunk P2P-dazzled skull before I decried the mad sad corporatization of the airwaves, is just how many vibrant alternatives exist.”

And then passes on the collective recommendations of his readers (along with info on how to tune in via the ‘net, if possible).

Thomas Leavitt

P.S. Guess whose recommendation was number two on his list? 🙂