Racketeers, Nothing More

Josh Marshall neatlysums up what my own research has been pointing to.

The Republican machine built by DeLay, Norquist, Abramoff, et al. and pulled into high gear after 2001, is a pay-for-play political machine. This is just another part of the operation, like the diktat for trade associations to hire only Republicans. Big political machines need their soldiers taken care of — jobs on K Street which also discipline the trade associations under Hill leadership. Just so, they need big sums of money to move around off the books. How does Rove keep the millions moving to Norquist? To Reed? To all the other operatives whose names you don’t know about?

The Republican Party has become an extortion racket. If you pay in you get lots back – from the taxpayers. If you don’t they crush you. Government and policy and things like that are not part of the equation. Ideology is only a cover for looting the treasury. It’s a cirrupt corporate takeover play, nothing more.

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