Quicken — Ugh

Is there any way to downgrade to an older, simpler version of Quicken? It used to be an OK program but they have “improved” it so much that it is pretty much unusable now. I just want to track my checks and balance my checkbook, just like I always did. But they made me upgrade – for as much as the original version cost. So now I am stuck with a program that is very, very hard to use, messes with my my checking account, and just makes it hard to do anything.
Is there a program that I can export all of my checking data into that will do this, so I can get released from the Quicken trap?

1 thought on “Quicken — Ugh

  1. Someone answer this because I am in the same damn boat. There may not be an answer.
    I am going to get my kid to show me how to use it.

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