5 thoughts on “Quick Mac Question

  1. It stands for Virtual Computer Network. I believe it’s part of what we used to call Open Transports. I could be wrong, but I think it’s a necessary overlay from the built-in networking of OSX to the unix kernel.
    Leave it be.

  2. I don’t have it on mine. I have never heard of it. The closest thing I can find in VNC (Virtual Network Computer) but that’s not something Apple supplies.

  3. It is part of “Remote Access” If all your ports are closed on sharing ( default) should not be a problem. It is a feature for network admins.
    On a stand alone machine there is no need for it ( I believe)
    If you are a stand alone client on a network you don’t need it. ( I believe)
    Check the Apple support page they have several articles etc. on VNC

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