Questions On US Attorney Firings

Talking Points Memo is asking the right questions about the Republicans firing US Attorneys who wouldn’t “play ball” by dropping investigations of Republican corruption, and by launching trumped-up investigations of Democrats.
1) We know about the ones who were fired. What about the ones who were not — WHY not? The REAL stink is on the ones who WEREN’T fired! What did they do to keep their jobs. Did they improperly drop investigations of Republicans and/or launch improper investigations of Demcorats?
2) Why isn’t the Justice Department management? Why aren’t we hearing statements from the Justice Department,

about how DOJ will not tolerate elected officials attempting to influence its prosecutors, how DOJ has its prosecutors’ backs, how DOJ would remind prosecutors to report any such contacts, and would urge anyone who has not previously reported such contacts to come forward now.

The silence is a statement. It is a threat to employees of the Department that if they come forward there will be retaliation.
And, of course, what does this say about the use of OTHER departments of the federal government?
We have been watching as Government and Party merge. Under these authoritarian Republicans the government has morphed into an enforcement arm of The Party. A better question might be whether there is any agency of the government that has not been corrupted?
One day we will all be shocked – even me – at how close we came to totalitarianism. That is, IF we make it through this. We haven’t yet. And we won’t until people go to jail for this kind of thing.
Watch your backs.