Putting heat on the American Taliban

Courtesy of Pam’s House Blend, Southern Poverty Law Center goes after the AmTaliban :

“Our bailiwick is extremism,” he said. “We’ve avoided the Christian Right in the past, and we don’t feel we’ve expanded to include the Christian Right — we feel very strongly they have entered our world [of extremism].
— Mark Potok, editor of SPLC’s Intelligent Report.

Pam adds:

The Southern Voice reports that the Southern Poverty Law Center is going after our little hot-to-trot friends in the AmTaliban. In the article “Holy War: The Religious Right’s Crusade Against Gays Heats Up,” SPLC’s magazine, The Intelligence Report.the SoVo article, which features quotes from pro-gay minister (and former ‘ex-gay’ — he got out of the self-loathing cycle) Mel White and Melissa Fryrear “gender issues analyst for Focus on the Family and a self-described former lesbian.”
There’s also a great round-up with thumbnail sketches of the players. If you’re a regular House Blender, you’ll see that these names come up frequently because of their completely unhinged homophobic statements.

Good stuff.

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