Psychological Warfare

Tom Hartman writes, in Conservatives Target Testicles:

“Rush Limbaugh just declared psychological war on the working white males of America, although most of them probably didn’t realize it. This week Limbaugh rolled out a ‘funny’ faux advertisement for the ‘Hillary Clinton Testicle Lock Box’ that now any woman can use to clamp down on men’s testicles just like Hillary does.

This wasn’t just a whim of Limbaugh’s, or a response to his recent rehab. It’s part of a sophisticated psychological operations program by conservatives that explicitly targets working men in America, and dates back to research first done for Richard Nixon.

[. . .] The majority of unemployed or under-employed men don’t kill themselves, however. Instead, they get angry, and look for the sources of their anger. And this is where the conservatives are working hard to perform an elegant smoke-and-mirrors switch of attention.

Conservatives have figured out how crucial it is to make sure that the working-class “NASCAR Dad” demographic – so important to conservatives that NASCAR drivers were invited to place their cars on the White House lawn for a Bush photo op – don’t connect their sense of lost masculinity with this conservative administration’s anti-worker policies.

Thus the Hillary Clinton Testicle Lock Box. And the Phallic Projection Force War In Iraq. And the Big Bulge Strut On The Aircraft Carried Deck.

[. . .] If Democrats can help NASCAR Dads realize that conservative trade and fiscal policies are at the root of their problems, they may wake America up from the web of deceit being spun by Bush and Rove. If not, prepare for another four years of the rich getting richer while the middle class slides into the abyss, perhaps taking American democracy with it.”

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