Protecting Cheney

More questions, maybe more lies. Secret Service keeping the legal authorities away from Cheney? Sounds like someone might have been drunk. But even that doesn’t explain keeping the whole thing a secret for almost a day. CBS News | Reporting Lag In Cheney Shooting ,

CBS News White House correspondent Peter Maer reports Texas authorities are complaining that the Secret Service barred them from speaking to Cheney after the incident. Kenedy County Texas Sheriffs Lt. Juan Guzman said deputies first learned of the shooting when an ambulance was called.
But the Secret Service told a different story, saying agents had informed the local sheriff of the shooting about an hour after it happened and that the vice president had been interviewed about the accident by local authorities on Sunday morning, CBS News White House correspondent Bill Plante reports.

And then there is the story that it was not reported because Cheney was too concerned about the guy he shot to be reporting things. That would be Cheney, all the others present, the Secret Service, the entire White House staff, etc. all crowded around the guy, all too concerned to tell anyone. Sheesh.

7 thoughts on “Protecting Cheney

  1. This is such a creepy story! Sounds like the incredible secretiveness of this administration finally tripped them up. If they’d simply announced right away that Cheney had accidently shot someone in a hunting accident and he was OK, the story would be over by now. Instead they took 24 hours deciding how to spin it. Even if this was just a hunting accident, which I guess is possible, who’s gonna believe that now?
    Equally creepy to me is that it seems Cheney goes everywhere with what amounts to a complete hospital staff, plus an ambulance trailing behind. That shows an incredible level of fear, even for someone who’s had a bad heart for years. This guy must be totally nuts.

  2. I really would like to post something NASTY about CHENEY but I won’t. I’m sure that I would get kicked off this site.
    But you all get my drift on what I would like to say.

  3. Cheney always overdoes the secrecy, making it hard to evaluate, but there’s something here that doesn’t add up.
    Rove talked to Armstrong Saturday night (NYT); the sheriff couldn’t interview Cheney…
    I’m almost wondering if Cheney didn’t have some kind of seizure that might’ve caused the accident, and that’s what they’re covering up.
    Any recollection how long it took from Arianna Huffington’s comments before hospital staff started talking about the previous Cheney coverup?

  4. Did it ever ocure to anyone that Cheney might of been drinking and this is why he wasn’t allowed to talk to sheriffs untill 18 hours later.

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