Progressives Worry That Obama Is Bringing A Knife To A Gunfight

Over at AlterNet, Joshua Holland writes, Obama Can Win; If He Does, Let’s Hope His Sunny Bipartisan Talk Is Just Rhetoric. A snippet:

The Republican establishment is fully aware of the fact that they can’t win on any substantial issue of public policy on the merits of their arguments alone. There is no broad constituency in America for showering the top 1 percent with tax breaks, handing huge subsidies to energy firms and giant agribusinesses and pharmaceutical firms, starting wars of choice, cutting social services or privatizing broad swaths of the public sector.
So they emphasize social issues and conjure up fear of foreign bogey-men in order to remain relevant. And they marginalize and demonize their opponents, which has been a central thrust of conservative messaging since the days of Spiro Agnew and Joe McCarthy. In logic, it’s known as “poisoning the well” — making one’s interlocutor out to be such a heinous beast that anything he or she says will be perceived, without examination, as an assault on our core values.
At heart, there’s a fundamental divide between Obama’s post-partisan rhetoric, and the hunger among many progressives for a fighter who will stand up to the Right-wing noise machine and effectively slug it out with the GOP. That goes a long way to explaining why Obama, despite an almost perfect biography and the caché of being a Beltway outsider at a time when the insiders are so widely loathed, never seemed to catch on with the left “blogosphere” the way one would have expected him to.

Much more, go read.
If Obama can pull it off, it will lead to a great progressive future. But does he really think the corporate right is going to work with him? I think they’re going to do everything they can to destroy him.