Progressive Talk Radio

BuzzFlash points to this story, asking for a progressive talk-radio network.

Well, I’m listening to one right now, online. It isn’t JUST online – it carries talk shows that are syndicated on radio stations – but you can listen to it anywhere online. It is so refreshing to be able to tune in for this perspective, and it is also very informative. But you gotta tune in just to hear the clip where they play Ari Fleisher saying, the job of the press secretary is to faithfully articulate what the President is thinking,” and then play what the President is thinking!

Right now Thom Hartmann has a libertarian on, talking about health care. He is just ripping the libertarian’s arguments apart. (Not hard to do.) Thom is a more serious, intellectual host, and his show is great. Yes, the same Thom Hartmann who writes articles on Common Dreams, AlterNet, etc. Later there’s Peter Werbe, out of Detroit, and he is more aggressive and funny. Go see the “Topple Bush Now” poster at his website. Tonite is Mike Malloy, who is a wild man, very, very funny, takes no prisoners. He talks about “the Bush Crime Family.”

To tune in, go to on the web. Click on “Listen Live!” at the top and on the left side of the window. You will be taken to a page with instructions for how to listen.

Update –I guess Peter Werbe has a substitute on today…