Preventative War to Prevent Just What Exactly?

I was going to write about the term “preventative war” when there really was nothing we were preventing. Iraq’s military obviously was not a serious threat to anyone. (The administration knew this, saying in advance that conquering Iraq would be a “cakewalk.”) Iraq obviously did not use chemical or biological weapons during the war. And so far not so much as a small canister of tear gas has been found. So what were we preventing that justifies calling this a “preventative” war?

I was going to write about this, until I came across this transcript of a Washington Post online question and answer session with Mel Goodman, Senior Fellow, Center for International Policy covering the same subject and saying so well what I have been thinking. So I suggest taking a look.

I just heard President Liar on the radio saying, “Iraq was a haven for terrorists, with an arsenal of weapons that threatened the world.” Oh really?