Press Ignored Murder Mystery

Through Atrios, this fascinating story,

Wait until you hear the rest of the story. It has all the elements of a good murder mystery.
* The congressman (an ardent and vocal supporter of G.W., by the way) resigns only six months after re-election, just prior to his aide’s death. The reason: amid rumors of marital infidelity, the recently-divorced husband wants to spend more time with his sons.
* A medical examiner who had his license revoked in another state. Why? He lost it falsifying autopsies.
* The medical examiner’s supervisor had contributed thousands of dollars to the congressman’s election campaign.

* Contradictory reports about whether there is a visible head injury or not.
* A medical conclusion that contains several inconsistencies. First, that Mrs. Klausutis, who was a marathon runner, died of a cardiac arryhthmia. Second, that although she had suffered a fractured skull and a “contracoup” bruise on the opposite side of the brain, the injury could not possibly have been caused by a physical assault.
* Then there’s the question of whether the office was locked and the lights were on. One report says the door was locked and the lights were off; another report says the door was unlocked and the lights were on.
* And if all this weren’t enough, there’s the scientist husband who does high level weapon design work for the Air Force.
These are only the more obvious elements of the case. And this is not newsworthy enough for the press?

Go find out who this invovles – it will blow your mind.
(Yes, an old story, but still not investigated. No justice.)

2 thoughts on “Press Ignored Murder Mystery

  1. I never understoof why this story didn’t go farther. There seems to have been a solid media consensus not to touch it. Presumably high-minded reasons were given, but these were the same people who had been relaying baseless rumors about Clinton only a couple of years earlier.
    Scsrborough jokes publicly about this. He thinks he’s invulnerable.

  2. I don’t have to go to Atrios to know the score on this one. I too wonder why this botched investigation is ignored.

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