I have a prediction for election day. Republicans will be challenging lots of voters at lots of Democratic-majority precincts. The intent will be to tie up the polls, creating extremely long lines, and causing people to turn away and not vote.

I usually work at a polling place on election day, and I know how quickly one roblem can back up a line. I can imagine that a few people, frequently challenging voters, could cause as very large percentage of voters to leave without voting.

Anyone want to bet this happens all over the country, in the Democrat areas of swing states, as well as in minority districts in the South?

Update – Right after posting that I came across this story. In Ohio the Republicans are hiring thousands of people to do exactly that – to challenge voters in minority precincts, in an attempt to cause long lines. Ohio is a swing state with a very close race. Causing a few thousand voters to leave without voting could very well change the results!