Pre-Order Markos and Jerome’s Book ‘Crashing The Gate’

Daily Kos: Crashing the Gate, pre-sales,

The regular edition of the book will be in book stores in March. But we are printing a Progressive Partners Special Edition for the pre-sale period. We have 10,000 copies of this edition, which will ship three weeks before the book appears in book stores.
So what do you get for pre-ordering three months in advance?
1. You get the book early
2. You help debut the book on Bestseller list
3. You help fund the book’s marketing efforts
4. You help support independent progressive media and institutions
5. You get the limited special edition version of the book

Read about it there, then Order here. (Their order site, not mine.)

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  1. Sounds great! Is there any way the progressive blogs can run a sidebar ad so this doesn’t vanish from view immediately?

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