Post-Election at the Election Protection Wiki

We are doing some post-election work at the Election Protection Wiki, which is online at

The election is over but the election problems will return unless the system is reformed. This election was not close enough for problems – unintentional and intentional – to change the results, but the next election could very well be. So it is crucial that we assist efforts to fix the election system and outlaw the deceptions and suppression tactics.
As policymakers look back at the 2008 election they will need well-researched sources of background information. The Election Protection Wiki serves as a hub where they will either find the information directly or be directed to the organization or site that has it.
Here are ways that you can help:
Do you have any or know of any good election wrap-ups/summaries that should be summarized for the EP Wiki? Please let us know, or add summaries to appropriate pages.
We want our issue article on voter suppression to be a central “go-to” for media and policymakers as they work to stamp out this undemocratic tactic. Can you take a look at it and add to it?
Help document what ACORN encountered in each state. This is especially important because policymakers could be acting largely on information provided by ACORN’s detractors. We can help provide accurate documentation of the real work ACORN does bringing new voters into the process. See
And finally, we hope our article on election reform proposals will guide policymakers. Please take a look and add your own policy-reform suggestions. see