Positive Suggestion #1

I have a reputation for negativism, and I’ve earned it. That’s cool with me — someone has to be the bad guy. But here’s a positive suggestion, for a change.

Buy the biggest, tallest, most powerful ratio station in Oklahoma and use it to broadcast Air America (with Ed Schulz and Bartcop replacing some of the regulars.)

Out in the flats one station can cover an enormous area — when I was a kid in Minnesota I listened to KOMA, an Oklahoma station, all the time. A station like that could cover fifteen or twenty states.

In that part of the country, the ambient political opinion is ultra-conservative. 20-30% of the electorate picks its political opinions out of the air (from free TV and radio), and where conservatives have a lock on the airwaves, that kind of voter ends up as default conservative. In some parts of the Southwest, you can go your whole life without hearing a liberal point of view.

By itself, the new radio station wouldn’t win Kansas for the Democrats, but it would change the ball game — maybe some of those states would even quit being Republican gimmes. The wingnut control of information flow around there approaches Stalinist levels, and this is something that we’ve got to change. (We wouldn’t have to match the right wing station for station — one single liberal Democratic station would break the monopoly.)

See? Positive thinking is easy.

We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Is there anyone in the Democratic Party, or in the Democrat blogosphere, or among the Democratic sugar daddies, who would be interested in something like that?


Radio is too tacky for Democrats, and so is Oklahoma.

P.S. “Grannyinsanity” writes:

“I inquired about a radio license sometime in the last two years and was promptly denied on the grounds that they just weren’t issuing any more then.

That’s the thing, you can’t do anything without one and Clear Channel tries to gobble them all up. Not for the resale market, just to keep a monopoly on our democracy.”

In other words, at least in some parts of the country the government is enabling and enforcing a private, virtually-unregulated near-monopoly of the crucial political communication media. Sounds Stalinist to me.

The name of the radio station has been corrected from KAAY to KOMA. I listened to both, but KAAY is from Arkansas.