Polling Firms Drop Edwards!

The message is clear: if you oppose the corporations, they will oppose you. Polling firms have decided, on their own, to leave John Edwards out of their polling. Remember, Edwards came in second in Iowa.
Lefty Lane: Oregon Poll Leave Edwards Out,

This has become a national trend. Numerous polling organizations have decided on their own that Presidential candidate John Edwards is not worth including in the polls anymore. Whether it’s CNN, or Survey USA they want to keep to a two candidate narrative. It doesn’t matter that Edwards is only five delegates behind Clinton and upset her well financed campaign in Iowa.

Go read the whole story.
Corporations were created by We, The People, for the benefit of We, The People. Why ELSE would we have created corporations in the first pace? But these entities have an ability to concentrate money and power, and are now being used by a class of wealthy elites to control us by controlling our government.
We need to bring the corporations back under OUR control.

3 thoughts on “Polling Firms Drop Edwards!

  1. “Corporations were created by We, The People, for the benefit of We, The People.”
    No. They weren’t. They were created by entrepreneurs for their benefit and the benefit of their investors. Along the way, they also happened to create jobs, innovate new products and generally improve our lives more than they could ever harm us. That’s not to say we shouldn’t be diligent, or that all corporations are good at all times — far from it. There’s as much evil in corporations as there is in government.
    Please: Quit sniffing conspiracies where there are none.

  2. I’m as anti-corporate a progressive Democrat as they get, and I’m all about reigning in the excesses of corporate America. However, I hate to break the news, but “we the people” did not create any corporations whatsoever. Not sure what you’re referring to their. SOME people–a very small amount indeed–in our country have over the years amassed hordes of wealth, created corporations with that wealth, and embarked on an unholy crusade to use that corporation to gobble up even more hordes of wealth. “We the people” never had any stake in that, and never approved of any of it. When you say things like “We need to bring the corporations back under OUR control”, you imply that they ever were. It’s not the case.

  3. Corporations are a creation of government – us. They were created by us to benefit us. We are the government and it is time that we take back control.

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