Poll Watching

I’m taking a short break from election activities. This morning I was calling voters, using lists prepared by the Democrats. This afternoon I’ve been working at “poll watching.”

THIS is how you win elections. I am assigned to a polling place. I have a list of registered Democrats from the precincts that vote at this polling place. Every few hours the polling place posts a list of people who have voted. (Actually they post the whole list of voters, and the people who have voted are crossed out.) I take that list, and cross out anyone that has voted who is also on my list of Democrats. Then I start trying to reach the ones who have not voted. Later in the day this will likely turn into a frenzy, and if there is time I’ll be calling, maybe looking for people, and offering rides to the polls. My job is to get the rest of the people to vote.

I hope the Democrats are doing this everywhere, precinct by precinct. Here they are organized enough to be doing this, and we are looking for a Democratic “sweep” of every statewide office.

They way it used to work is every precinct had a “captain.” That person lived in the precinct, walked from door to door through the year, got to know everyone and how they would vote, talked to anyone who could be persuaded and most important rounded them all up and got them to vote on election day. We need to bring that system back.