Poll Numbers Not Important

The Decembrist writes:

The president’s popularity dipped into the low 40s, and they passed the energy bill anyway — what more proof do you need that the president’s poll numbers hardly matter, if you control the instutions? Before Katrina, they were on the verge of permanent repeal of the estate tax plus another tax cut in reconciliation, even with Bush’s numbers in the toilet!
That’s why I didn’t fully accept Garance’s argument last week that they aren’t really PR geniuses because of the poll numbers — they don’t need the poll numbers until they need the poll numbers, and when they need them, they figure they can find a way to push them up a bit and/or push the relevant Democrats down.

WHat is the Progressive long-term strategic plan to take the country back?

5 thoughts on “Poll Numbers Not Important

  1. To the clowns and parasites that hold most of the ‘leadership’ positions in the Democratic Party, both ‘the long term’ and ‘plan’ are alien, possibly hostile, concepts. This much is beyond dispute: we have not seen evidence of either concept for many years.
    Carla is probably right, we probably need a purge. It would likely cause the party to fall further back in congress in 2006, but by 2008 would help create a political culture that would support a genuine alternative to the Republicans.

  2. A progressive populist agenda is maybe the easiest sell in politics. But after a couple of decades of the accomodationists, corporatists and outright traitors among the democrat leadership and their intellectual supporters (don’t forget them!), it’s taken for granted that it’s impossible to convince people to act in their own interests.
    PURGE THEM ALL. NOW. Or you will never be taken seriously by anyone.

  3. It seems to me, the Democrats plan is to continue the losing tradition of selling out their base becoming moderate Republicans and remain Democrats in name only (more accurately known as “Dempublicans”).

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