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This new alert – warning of possible “spectacular” attacks inside the United States…

It used to be, I would worry about what might happen. I worried about going to Comdex last year because of anthrax. I worried about flying.

Now I think about whether the Bush people have been caught at something they’re trying to distract us from. I wonder what advantage the Republicans are trying to gain. After going down a checklist like this, and then hearing that the Europeans are also worrying, THEN I start to worry that this one might be for real.

This is the consequence of Bush politicizing the war on terrorism. There were several phony terrorism alerts, each one coming immediately after some embarrassing revelation – like the Harken stories hitting the press. Remember when Ashcroft came on TV from Moscow to talk about “dirty bombs” and later we found out the guy had really been caught a month previously? Remember how the terrorist alerts STOPPED after the press started questioning the timing?

And then there was the war vote, timed exactly for the election…

So they have politicized the war on terrorism. The public cannot trust the government. Imagine the divisions at home if the Iraq adventure goes poorly. We’re set up for a fall.