Political Religion

At Orcinus, The Conservative faith

The reality I think we’re all seeing is that genuine conservatism has been usurped by a political religion in metastasis that is no longer conservative but simply power-mad. Communicating that to the public is going to be an essential problem for progressives in the coming campaigns, especially given the deep emotional and psychological investment in the movement that so many followers have made.

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  1. Religion in politics is about to take a dramatic turn about. The basis of religion, The Bible is a proved hoax. Unbelievable? The original history from which it was taken has been pieced together proving that Christianity dates back to ancient Egypt and is at least 5,000 years old, much older than stated. The main Biblical figures, Moses, Jesus, Israelite kings and many other figures were taken from the Egyptian record, renamed and used to create the main stories of the Bible.
    Thousands are now reviewing the story at http://www.hoax-buster.org

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