Political Problem

OK, I’ve been listening to Rush and O’Reilly in the car… The Republicans have their finger on something. If you criticize what’s happening in Iraq by just telling the truth, you sound unpatriotic. That’s all there is to it. You CAN’T criticize them with the truth because the truth is so far out there!

Here’s my thinking. You would think that the Republicans have been doing so much bad shit that there are SO MANY things you could go after. Things like Cheney still receiving money from Halliburton, and Halliburton getting no-bid contracts in Iraq, then buying gas in Kuwait for 50 cents and selling it to the US military in Iraq for $2.60. Or Bush and Harken Oil. Or Bush going AWOL in a time of war. Or privatizing Medicare and selling seniors to drug companies. There;s just SO MUCH SHIT going on! You would think with all this bad shit they do there would be something there you could use to get the public to see what’s going on.

But that’s just the problem. Here’s what I think we’re missing. They are the government, and a reasonable government just wouldn’t do that. And America is a good country with a reasonable government.

I think a lot of what is going on is that they have successfully done SO MUCH that is SO BAD that the public just won’t believe it.

Iraq – the simple fact is that we already did invade Iraq. The American public simply will not accept that we would do something like that for reasons unrelated to 9/11. The US would never do such a thing, therefore we didn’t. To believe that we invaded a country that had done nothing to us — in the middle of a national emergency requiring our full attention after we were attacked on 9/11, doing things like transferring Arabic translators and intelligence assets FROM the terrorists who attacked us TO a country that did not — who would ever think that America would ever do such a thing. And if you say we did you sound like a paranoid fanatic nutcase.

These things just don’t happen in America, therefore they didn’t happen. These things don’t happen in America, and don’t you dare say they do.

How the hell do you fight THAT?