Political Humor

Two new sites:
Spittle & Ink: The Weblog of Mark Spittle – good stuff, check out Judy Miller’s “notes”. 🙂
Schwarzenegger Street – an “alternative” to Sesame Street starting Arnie (instead of Earnie), and populated by creatures like Cheney the Constitution (eating) Monster, Bill O’Reilly the Grouch, etc., courtesy of Phil Angelides’ campaign. I’d rate it three giggles out of five… just doesn’t fully “gell” for me, although it produced a few snorts.

1 thought on “Political Humor

  1. Finally, a funny political animated short

    We see a lot of those supposedly-funny animated shorts that are intended to incite JibJab-like viral marketing traffic, create buzz, generate sign-ups to a campaign website. Most of them are awful. Finally, however, here’s one of those political cartoons

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