Police at the Republican Convention: Best sources

Glen Greenwald and FDL have the best coverage:
Greenwald 2; Greenwald 1
FDL 11; FDL 10; FDL 9; FDL 8; FDL 7; FDL 6; FDL 5; FDL 4; FDL 3; FDL 2; FDL 1; FDL 0.
DNC – RNC – Troops Out Now (an activist group).
Legal Team.
Legal team’s twitter update.
Minnesota Indymedia.
Indymedia live radio, I think
Indymedia videos
Local Sources:
The Uptake Live video, recommended.
Uptake twitter feed.
The Stimulator
Twin Cities Daily Planet
Minnesota Independent
Minnesota Blue (a liberal Democratic site).
Minneapolis Star Tribune Convention page.