Please Watch Bill Moyers’ Speech

I just saw Bill Moyers’ speech to the Take Back America conference. I’m sure it will be repeated on C-Span later. Please watch this speech. Stay up as late as you have to tonite just in case C-Span has it on again. It will probably be posted on the conference website soon. Please watch this speech. It was one of the great speeches. I was moved to tears. People were shouting. The audience stood and applauded for a very, very long time at the end.
During the Democratic Convention last summer I wrote about a great speech by Michael Moore, and later posted a transcript, then linked to an online site where you could watch it. Today’s speech by Bill Moyers’ is the next speech I will recommend as highly.
Rather than write about it – one favorite line was about Tom Delay as the right-wing reincarnation of St. Francis of Assisi – I’m sure you’ll be reading about it all over the web today and for a while (maybe a long while) – I’ll just say please watch this speech.

4 thoughts on “Please Watch Bill Moyers’ Speech

  1. Oh, I wish I could have been there to hear that speech. Bill Moyers is a wonderful, wonderful example of a true patriot – thoughtful and passionate about the best things our country can be.

  2. I’ve been looking for his speech ever since you posted this, but haven’t managed to catch it. What a shame! If you can get a transcript, please post it.

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