Please Help Fund My Dem Convention Blogging

Next week I am heading to Denver to cover the Democratic Convention! I will be taking my camera, and just as I did four years ago I will be writing and posting pics for you all day, every day from the convention hall as well as the “Big Tent” that progressive bloggers are setting up.
Of course this involves expenses. I have to cover plane fare, lodging, meals, local transportation and my ticket into the Big Tent.
So I am asking for help to cover these expenses.
Please consider donating to help me cover the costs of this trip. I use PayPal to take donations, and they take credit cards. If you already have a PayPal account, just click. Otherwise after you click there is a simple signup procedure.
The PayPal button is down a ways in the left column and I am including it here for your convenience:

This is a secure online payment method which accepts major credit cards. Please help me meet expenses.


3 thoughts on “Please Help Fund My Dem Convention Blogging

  1. Oh, please, please, please gimme some money sos I can go to the Dem convention and parrot Democrat party talking points like the pathetic little insignificant hack I am.
    I’s so po’

  2. I’m happy to contribute Dave.
    Thanks for going there FOR US!
    Bitch slap Harry Reid for me will ya?

  3. I’m happy to contribute Dave.
    Thanks for going FOR US!
    Any chance you could bitch slap Harry Reid for me while you’re there?

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