Picking up the slack

Please don’t be alarmed at the number of posts I put up at Seeing the Forest this weekend. I’ll be one of or perhaps your only guest blogger over the weekend.
Dave has asked me to pick up the slack for him over the weekend while he is at the Take Back America conference. I’ve blogged events like the California State Convention and the Western DNC Chair Conference for MyDD, so I know how demanding it can be. I’ll do my best to provide Seeing the Forest regulars with items of interest when you check in for Dave’s updates from the main event.

1 thought on “Picking up the slack

  1. Gary, would you put this story out there in conjunction with the Downing Street Memo stuff this weekend, I think that Ryder’s Reward is an important part of this-it is from one of Dave’s old links!
    There is more to back up the accuracy of the Downing Street Memo, and we can’t wait for the Gray Lady to connect the dots, we need to do it ourselves.

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