Pick a Judge, Not a Fight!

The best short statement abouut the Supreme Court vacancy(ies) came to me from People For the American Way, “Tell the President: Pick a Judge, Not a Fight!”
That was in an e-mail and I can’t find a web page there with that line, but I’ll send people to PFAW anytime, anyway. So go visit PFAW.
Repeat after me: “Tell the President: Pick a Judge, Not a Fight!”

7 thoughts on “Pick a Judge, Not a Fight!

  1. Demcorats fight? I knew you were crazy, P, but that’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond crazy!
    What a dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb slogan. And an even dumber idea. It assumes that there is a non-zero probability that Bush could select a nominee who SHOULD NOT BE FOUGHT AGAINST TOOTH AND NAIL WITH EVERY FUCKING LAST BIT OF STRENGTH YOU HAVE. It assumes a triangulated defeat before you even start. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB, FUCKING DUMB, and DUMB!
    God, I think I hate Democorats even more than repugs. What morons! And cowards! And did I say morons?!

  2. Tell me, Richard,
    What kind of nominee would you not fight against?
    Me, I don’t like Gonzales since he is not a supporter of the second amendment; I don’t like a Souter since he is dead-set against property rights and is for Wal-mart using government to grab your property for themselves; I don’t like most because they are for political ideology (power of the central gov) over principles (letting people and states do what they wish)*
    I was pleased by the “conservatives” on the court who are usually anti-legalization in their support of medical marijuana laws for principled reasons; and I was disgusted by the lefties on the court for betraying principles (allowing people to live-and-let-live) for politcal ideology.

  3. Just so no readers are misled here, the judges you are referring to as “liberals” were appointed by conservative Republicans like Reagan.

  4. I know, but since Republican Presidents generally don’t ask their nominees to pass a ideological ‘litmus’ test they can change to opposing the President who appointed them’s ideology.

  5. Is it the judges who changed – or the Republican Party?
    And don’t forget, you previously insisted that you are independent of the Republicans. Heh.

  6. I am independent of them, it does not mean that I necessarily have to hate them or not agree with them from time to time.

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