FRAMESHOP has questions that we, as Americans, must face. The persecution of Christians must be addressed! Here are just a few, go read the rest:

  • Can anyone think of a day in our national calendar when Federal and State offices are closed because of a Christian Holiday?
  • Can anyone think of one President or Vice President, or any member of the President’s cabinet who was a church-going Christian?
  • Can anyone name a Representative or Senator in Congress who has not been forced to resign once he or she became openly Christian?
  • Can anyone think of a state level representative who openly practices Christianity?
  • Can anyone think of a state or federal judge who has been appointed to the bench or elected despite being Christian?
  • Can anyone think of any U.S. diplomats who retained their jobs once it was discovered that they were raised Christian?
  • Can anyone think of any Christian symbols that are mounted and celebrated in our nation’s capital on an annual basis?
  • Can anyone think of a single town in America where it is safe to attend a Christian church?
  • Can anyone think of a single place in America where Christian Churches have not been the subject of regular abuse from the public?
  • Can anyone think of a single U.S. University that does not have a quota system to guard against the hiring of too many Christian professors?
    [. . .] And if there’s any time left over, try changing the word “Christian” to the word “Muslim” in a few of the questions and see if the answers are any different.

  • 4 thoughts on “Persecution

    1. Christ said to love your neighbor as you love yourself.
      Now this was a HARD ONE and some of those he was addressing asked him to be more specific and requesting he tell them who exactly he meant by neighbor. So he told them in storyform to explain to them that he meant everyone.
      Obviously there are those still who did not get the memo.

    2. “A better replacement for christian in the examples is Atheist.” Bears repeating ‘The Fool’!

    3. “A better replacement for chistian in the examples is Atheist.” Hey, that’s what I was going to say! It’s easier to get elected if you are gay than if you are atheist.

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